2014 Asian American Health Assessment

In 2014, the Asian American Resource Center Nonprofit conducted the Asian American Health Assessment study, as part of its broader cultural competency endeavors and community needs assessment for the Asian American Resource Center Facility.

It is hoped that the community needs described herein can be addressed in part through effective community partnerships and a cohesive, culturally competent vision for wellness programming, health education and community outreach at the Facility.

The Asian American population of Austin/Travis County is extraordinarily diverse: socioeconomically, linguistically and geographically within Austin. The goal of the Asian American Health Assessment study is to:

  • disaggregate Asian American health care experiences in order to identify vulnerable populations
  • gather qualitative data concerning participants’ perceptions of their community’s general health and healthcare access, including both health care utilization and health care barriers
  • report participant-driven recommendations to address each subpopulations community concerns

Asian American subpopulations experience some of the same prevalent chronic illnesses – most notably diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In addition, a scarcity of health resources and information in Asian languages appears common to all Asian American subpopulations. However, the reports also reflect disparities, particularly in health literacy, perceived rates of hepatitis, and perceived access to care and transportation.

This report, generously funded by the City of Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services Department, is intended to raise awareness of the health concerns and disparities within the diverse and understudied Asian American community in Austin/Travis County, and to propel the participant recommendations herein into actionable solutions.

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