2016 Asian American Outreach Strategies

The purpose of this 2015-2016 study was to develop culturally and linguistically appropriate outreach strategies to encourage healthy behaviors and service utilization by Asian American subpopulations. This study was a continuation of the 2014 Asian American Health assessment which identified barriers faced by Asian American subpopulations in Austin-Travis County. As the fastest growing race in Texas and in Travis County, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the Asian American population of Austin/Travis County is extraordinarily diverse culturally, linguistically and geographically. The Health Assessment identified needs by major subpopulations and recommendations included:

  • Improving outreach to subpopulations
  • Focusing on prevention
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  • Increasing access to health care
  • Providing culturally sensitive health care

Program Objectives and Activities:

Objective 1: Research and review programs, models and best practices related to outreach and engagement to Asian minority populations from other communities.

  • Research programs/models from other communities.
  • Organize findings and compare to the identified needs in the 2014 Health Assessment findings.
  • Submit report of presentation of findings from research on outreach and engagement models for minority populations.

Objective 2: Identification of materials to translate and other existing translated materials

  • Identify 2-3 heatlh issues particularly relevant to many Asian American subpopulations.
  • Identify key local education/prevention materials not currently available in Asian languages.
  • Research relevant and appropriately translated materials available from other sources.
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  • Provide a list of available translated materials in Asian languages and existing local materials which should be translated.

Objective 3: Develop outreach/engagement resources

  • Compare research findings on outreach and engagement in other communities with current public health systems and programming.
  • Develop an outreach/engagement strategy for 2 subpopulations with limited English. proficiency to communicate health issues identified in Objective 2.
  • Identify existing assets/methods for communication and outreach to targeted subpopulation communities.

Objective 4: Recommend a Health Ambassador Program

  • Review the structure of similar programs in at least 3 other cities.
  • Evaluate existing Community Health Worker program (Promotores) for Hispanic population. to determine applicability to Asian American Subpopulations.
  • Research available training for Health Ambassadors to assist the community in navigating public insurance programs: Medicaid, Medicare and Affordable Care Act.
  • Incorporate outreach strategies identified in Objective 3.
  • Recommend elements of a Health Ambassador program: qualifications, outreach, recruitment, screening, training, evaluation.

Milestone 1-Identify outreach and engagement models in other communities
Milestone 2-Report on outreach and engagement models for subpopulations
Milestone 3-Provide a list of available translated Public Health materials along with corresponding local materials to be translated.
Milestone 4-Provide an inventory of current facilities, media, key organizations, and other assets that can be used to engage the targeted subpopulations.
Milestone 5– Develop outreach and engagement strategies for Korean and Vietnamese subpopulations in Austin/Travis County.
Milestone 6– Review structure of Health Ambassador programs in 3 other Cities.
Milestone 7-Evaluate existing Promotores programs in Austin for applicability to AA subpopulations.
Milestone 8-Recommend elements of a Health Ambassador program for AA subpopulations.
Milestone 9-Final project report and recommendations for future sustainability.