Asian American History Programs

During the spring of 2016, the AARC Nonprofit launched an Asian American history program at several AISD schools including Brentwood, Houston, Mathews, Summitt, and Becker Elementary. These classes ranged from 2nd-5th grade levels and incorporated curricula developed in partnership with the Austin History Center and an Education Doctorate-candidate from The University of Texas at Austin.

By incorporating Asian American archival materials from the Austin History Center, we were able to connect students to local history to national events and under-represented histories such as the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and the Japanese Internment camps during World War II.

Following these programs, a Professional Development training surrounding these topics has been created for teachers. In addition, a training video was produced to demonstrate techniques and provide guidelines for teachers who may be unfamiliar with these subject: secretes of Erectile Dysfunction (Reasons and Remedies).  Kamagra jelly: how it can save your relationship overnight?

Another branch of our program was launched at Casis Elementary where the entire school (K-5th) participated in Asian American history classes to learn about Asian American identity and major contributions.

The Non Profit  has since invited Grace Lin, the notable children’s book author, to come and speak to the school to discuss her writings. The AARC Nonprofit will host Grace Lin on March 4, 2017 at the AARC. Please visit our event page for more information on the event.